Ergonomic Training & Education

Group education is a cost-effective approach to improving safety and wellness.

C.A.R.E. Evaluators offers a variety of in-person training programs.

In-person education has a number of training advantages:

  • High level of classroom and teacher interaction

  • Live demonstrations and ability for the class to practice and apply outside the classroom

  • Ability to address individual questions and apply them to the class

  • Multi-modality learning provides higher retention and greater applicability

  • Group activities and discovery

  • Fun with engaging presenters

Ergonomic Evaluation and Adjuster Training

Many employees can be assisted with basic workstation and chair adjustments. A cost-effective approach is to train in-house staff to assist employees with basic workstation setup. This is a particularly proactive approach to workstation ergonomics when performed for each new employee.

This intensive training opens doors into the world of workstation ergonomics. In-depth training prepares the professional for the practical application of workstation ergonomic adjustments. Training includes ergonomic principles, workstation and chair adjustments, equipment options, and documentation. Students will participate in practicum through conducting simulated ergonomic evaluations as both adjuster and client. This hands-on practice builds confidence in ergonomic evaluation. Class is 6 hours of instruction time not including breaks.

This class is performed both at C.A.R.E. facilities and at an organization’s place of business with 3-8 attendees.

Training at a C.A.R.E. Evaluators place of business is located in Anaheim, CA one mile from Disneyland. Class size is 3-8 attendees and is open to individual registration.

Scheduled Dates at C.A.R.E. location, Anaheim CA 9:00 - 4:30

January 25, 2020

February 8, 2020

March 21, 2020

  • 6 Continuing Education hours are available for Physical Therapists for this course.


  • $500 per individual at C.A.R.E. site in Anaheim, CA (class size 3-8 attendees)

    See Scheduled Dates listed above

  • $2500 per onsite class for single organization (up to 8 attendees)

This class can be combined with the Align Ergonomics software for a step-by-step evaluation with quick documentation.

Virtual Adjuster Training

Through this course learn the practical application of workstation ergonomics and how to conduct a basic workstation adjustment. An individual who needs training on how to conduct basic workstation adjustments for employees will learn through virtual instruction. This highly affordable 2-hour class provides one-on-one training over the phone using a presentation for basic workstation adjustment education. Practicum includes photo analysis of workstations for adjustment and practice.


$275 per individual 1 on 1 virtual training

$250 discounted pricing with 4 or more students, each student will have 1 on 1 training

This class can be combined with the Align Ergonomics software for a step-by-step evaluation with quick documentation.

Ergonomics Classes

Computer Workstation Ergonomics: Self-Adjusting Your Workstation

Students will learn the basics of how to adjust their own workstations to fit their bodies. This class includes all areas of ergonomics covered under a C.A.R.E. Individual Ergonomic Evaluation. A posture activity is the foundation, and chair adjustment training is a key supporting element. Practicum includes viewing people at their desks and making recommendations to improve the workstation fit.

If this presentation is made to multiple classes, organizations may find it makes the classes more engaging to add customization by including videos of their employees at their workstations. Employees seeing themselves and their co-workers makes this a fun event for all attendees. Class time is 2 hours.


$1500 per class (20 person maximum)

Body Mechanics

General principals of ergonomics are first reviewed. This is followed by a deep dive into specific targeted activities that show how to approach them from an ergonomically safe method.

Common topics include:

  • Back Safety

  • Lifting and Gripping

  • High and Low Work

  • Forceful Exertion

  • Lifting and Carrying

  • Reaching

This class is most powerful when site specific activities are targeted and combined with video clips of actual on-location employees at work.


Please contact C.A.R.E. for pricing.

Office Stretch and Posture / Walking Meetings

This high-activity class engages participants in a series of stretches that can be done at the desk or while standing in the work space.

It also includes posture activities and corrections. Participants learn the role of posture while seated at and working on the computer. When they leave they will understand the role poor posture plays in neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Walking Meetings increase creativity, honest exchanges, and idea sharing - all while improving health. Inexpensively establish a Walking Meeting culture through this class. Class time is 2 hours.


$1500 per class (20 person maximum)

Custom Instruction

Do you have a topic you are interested in? C.A.R.E. will customize a class for you.