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Selecting office equipment that is ergonomically responsive can be a daunting task.

A C.A.R.E. Evaluators consultant will work with you to select a menu of products from the vendor(s) of your choice. Your consultant keeps abreast of the best products in the industry at a wide range of prices. They will help you avoid products that are inherently unsuitable in design for promoting a safe office workspace, and guide you toward products that are suitable in your price range.

C.A.R.E. Evaluators does not receive a commission on office products, so we can promise integrity in our recommendations.

         What are the advantages of having a C.A.R.E. consultant assist in selecting office equipment?

  • Time savings in selecting appropriate office products

  • Ability to negotiate prices with vendors

  • Savings associated with having to repurchase products when inappropraite products are inadvertantly selected

  • Pre-selected office products provide a menu to choose from when ordering

  • Poor quality and harmful products avoided

  • Best value office products included for consideration

  • Range of price points versus value is knowledgeably addressed