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Follow-Up and Case Closure


Reduced risk lowers Worker's Compensation claims.

Risk is not reduced until a case is closed.

Follow-up is the key to reducing risk.


Reported pain at a workstation can be addressed with individual ergonomic evaluation, education in workstation ergonomics, and employee awareness.

Unfortunately, often because of inadequate follow-up, Worker's Compensation cases sometimes still result - even when issues are initially addressed.

                                                       Work-related pain should be monitored.

                                                       Work-related pain should be monitored.

Without follow-up, employee condition may not improve, or even worsen without anyone knowing.

  • New equipment is improperly installed or not adjusted
  • New equipment never arrives or goes unused
  • Employees relocate or change the workstation, undoing adjustments
  • Changes in work habits are not adopted and physical discomfort continues or increases
  • New issues arise but go unreported

Case monitoring:

  • Issue a self-reporting assessment approximately 3 months after evaluation to document changes in the employee's status

  • Review self-reporting 

  • Quick email or phone contacts to check on status

  • Anecdotal notes during contact are documented

  • Complete case records become part of the client case and are accessible through the Align Ergonomics client management system

  • Escalation recommendations are submitted if needed

  • Cases are designated as closed when appropriate


You have options:

In House Follow-Up:

Use the Align Ergonomics software to make follow-up quick and easy for the Risk Manager, Safety Officer, or Human Resources Specialist.

C.A.R.E. Evaluators Follow-Up:

C.A.R.E. Evaluators will provide a service to monitor cases of reported active discomfort until employees report that they are pain-free. Self-evaluations and anecdotal notes are available for review at any time through the Align Ergonomics client management system. Reporting is provided by C.A.R.E. to the designated officer.

C.A.R.E. Evaluators provides Align Ergonomics software for complete case management, documentation, and instant access to reports.




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