Individual Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation

Working at a computer should be safe and pain-free.

Individual ergonomic evaluations entail a one-on-one meeting with the employee. Work duties and habits, medical conditions, and work environment are taken into consideration when evaluating the configuration of a workstation. A properly fitted workstation will comfortably and safely support the employee.

Ergonomic Evaluation includes:

One-on-one interview

Individually tailored education

Desk configuration review

Chair fitting

Keyboard and mouse adjustment and education

Monitor and visibility adjustment

Document use analysis

Lighting applicability

Telephone use safety

Work habits


Professional Documentation includes:

Summary of evaluation

Statement from employee 

Paired issues and recommendations


Equipment recommendations

Employee measurements


Individual Ergonomic Evaluation can be combined with Follow-Up and Case Closure services for greater Risk Reduction.

General Pricing:

Individual Workstation Evaluation and Adjustment:

1-3 Evaluations (single day) - $225/each

4-7 Evaluations (single day) - $200/each

8+ Evaluations (multi-day) - $180/each

Follow-up additional $60/per person