Hand and Wrist Pain

Why Does my Wrist Hurt?

Have you ever bent a piece of wire over and over to break it? The wire gets warm and softens and eventually snaps. Something similar happens to a wrist when it is braced on a desktop or wrist rest when manipulating a mouse. The wrist repeatedly pivots back and forth and can become inflamed. 

Repeated motion such as pivoting from the wrist when using the mouse can contribute to discomfort.  Irritation of the Median Nerve of the wrist may even develop into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Discomfort may include such symptoms as pain, numbness, and tingling of the fingers and thumb. This nerve irritation may result from swelling of the wrist tendons or other conditions.

Keep Clear of the Desktop

To avoid inflaming the wrist, hand, and fingers keep clear of the desktop. Instead of resting the wrist on the desktop or a wrist rest, keep the arm, wrist, and hand aligned. Use whole-arm mouse movements floating the arm slightly above the desk.

Often, people are seated too low in relation to the desktop, causing the arm or wrist to be braced because of the angle of the arm. It may be helpful to lower the keyboard tray or raise the chair height for a desktop keyboard to allow the arm to naturally clear the desktop. The arm should naturally float just above the desk without encumbrance. 


Andrea Dee